Foley Jones & Associates is a professional consulting firm specializing in grant writing, fund development, program design, and professional development training. Established in 2010, consultants with Foley Jones & Associates bring over 45 years of combined experience in helping individuals and organizations access the resources needed to provide high quality programs and services for their communities. Our dynamic and expert consultants have extensive experience in the areas of education, administration, government, human resources, coaching, the arts, philanthropy, fund development, grant writing, program development, evaluation, and training. Since 2002, consultants now with Foley Jones & Associates have secured over $44 million in federal, state, and foundation funds for clients throughout the state of California.

Foley Jones & Associates offers the following professional services:

  • Funding needs analysis that aligns your organization’s identified financial and programming needs with upcoming grant opportunities from relevant federal, state, and private funding sources.
  • Staff and/or community strategic planning to collaboratively develop a program design for a grant proposal or to develop a strategic funding plan that reflects the identified needs of your organization and stakeholders.
  • Professional grant writing services that include the collaborative planning and development of the grant program design, narrative, and budget. Every step of the grant writing process incorporates planning and communication between our consultants, your staff, and key stakeholders so that your grant funded programs and services produce quality solutions.
  • Evaluation services that include onsite start-up assistance, process and outcome evaluation system development, program monitoring, preparation of quarterly and annual progress reports as required by the funder, and ongoing technical assistance and grant implementation support.
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced level professional training and skill development on grant writing and capacity building related topics.

As a client of Foley Jones & Associates, your organization and its stakeholders will receive top quality, affordable services that are individualized to meet your budget and programming needs.