About Us

Consultants with Foley Jones & Associates have over 45 years of combined experience in helping individuals and organizations identify and access the resources they need to provide high quality programs and services for their communities. Our dynamic and expert consultants have extensive experience in the areas of education, administration, government, human resources, coaching, the arts, philanthropy, fund development, grant writing, program development, evaluation, and training.

MaryEllen Foley
Lead Consultant, MaryEllen Foley, has been involved in the field of education for over four decades as a teacher, administrator, professional development trainer, and school reform consultant. For the last 15 years, Ms. Foley has worked with the educational community and their non-profit partners facilitating planning and collaborative efforts to secure funding through federal, state, and foundation sources. Ms. Foley has facilitated a wide range of organizational planning processes for schools and community agencies that include the development of strategic and business plans, program and project design, strategic funding development, evaluation management plans, research design, and leadership and management plans. She has worked on numerous projects to align mission, goals, and objectives on a wealth of projects, including, but not limited to, restructuring of public schools, community agencies, private businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Andrea L. Jones
Lead Consultant, Andrea Jones, brings a diverse background in policy, community engagement, local and state government and administration to her work with clients. Over the last decade, Ms. Jones has organized and facilitated numerous community needs assessment and planning processes for county and district administrators and staff, business leaders, non-profit administrators and board members, and community members. In addition to her experience in organizational communication and consulting in the area of intergovernmental relations, she has served in a variety of capacities (staff, member of the board, volunteer) with community agencies and non-profit organizations to improve programs and services in the areas of mental health, education, community media, and social justice.