Government Agencies

Foley Jones & Associates is a professional consulting firm specializing in grant writing, fund development, program design, and professional development training. Established in 2010, consultants with Foley Jones & Associates bring over 45 years of combined experience in helping individuals and organizations access the resources needed to provide high quality programs and services for their communities. Our dynamic and expert consultants have extensive experience in the areas of education, administration, government, human resources, coaching, the arCity and county government agencies have great ideas for programs and services and, even in the best of times, not enough resources. A well-thought-out grant program can fill in the funding void. State and federal entitlement, competitive and discretionary grants are available to accomplish everything from landscaping, bicycle trails, airport improvements, care for victims of crime, intervention and prevention programs for youth, land preservation, and more.

Time is one of your most valuable resources and one of the important factors in any success. The team at Foley Jones & Associates can save your agency and staff valuable time by helping to identify and access the resources you need.

Grant Research
Our grant writing team will research upcoming funding opportunities that align with your organization’s mission. Foley Jones & Associates will provide twice monthly email notification of upcoming grant competitions (with abstracts, deadlines, and odds of funding) for which you are eligible to apply and likely to be awarded. The grant research typically includes 2-10 potential funding sources per month focused on those funding opportunities that are most appropriate to your needs. We will then meet with you to prioritize funding opportunities and establish your grant development plan.

Grant Proposal Writing
Foley Jones & Associates professional proposal writing services include preparation of a written summary of the Request for Application/Proposal (RFA/RFP) requirements and information needed to complete each proposal, facilitation of the planning of the grant program design with your agency and stakeholders, development of the full narrative and budget, assistance with development of letters of support, and submission of the proposal. Every step of the grant process is designed to incorporate strategic planning between our expert grant writing team, your staff and stakeholders so that the grant program produces results and solutions that are focused on addressing your needs. Foley Jones & Associates provide a personalized approach; each grant is as unique as each client.

Grant Evaluation
Most grantors require grant awarded organizations to contract the services of an independent, third party evaluator to perform summative and formative evaluation, and monitoring of the grant program. Grant evaluation is extremely important, as it will determine your eligibility for future funding and for multi-year renewals of the grant award. Consultants with Foley Jones & Associates have more than 10 years of experience in evaluating federal, state and privately funded grant programs. We also include an implementation plan in all of our evaluations to ensure your staff knows what action steps are required, who is responsible and timelines under the terms of the grant award. We will be onboard with your agency from the day of the award, until the submission of the final evaluation report – which will help to minimize the amount of time that your staff will have to devote to the required paperwork, data collection, and reporting. We specialize in developing process evaluation systems that ensure your agency or department is well prepared for audits and grantor reviews. Our evaluators will additionally set up a comprehensive outcome evaluation system so that the impact of the grant and its related services are assessed in order to justify future funding and related sustainability efforts.